3 Surprising Reasons To Start A Yoga Practice

3 Surprising Reasons To Start A Yoga Practice

We all have busy, demanding lives that likely include family obligations, work obligations and many many other obligations (too many to list!). It can sometimes be hard to maintain the good habits we already have, let alone add a new, good habit to our routines.

However, adding yoga to your weekly routine can provide many benefits that improve ALL areas of your life.  We all know that yoga improves health- flexibility, strength, endurance, cardiovascular functioning, but yoga also provides the following benefits, which I consider foundational to leading a good life.

Improve Sleep- yoga improves sleep, likely through the reduction of stress.

Boost Immunity- breathing better and moving better leads to better circulation, and better organ function.

Eat Better- research has found that yoga- likely through the increased mindfulness we gain through our practice- helps us make better, healthier food choices.

If my memory serves (and believe me, it doesn’t always serve) Gretchen Rubin (author of The Happiness Project, and my favourite- Better Than Before, among other books) calls these “foundational habits”.  I see a healthy diet, good sleep and a healthy body as the foundation for a healthy and happy life.

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