Be here, now

Be here, now

In his excellent book “In Defense of Food”, writer Michael Pollan gives away the jist of the book in the first seven lines:  eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

Whether you agree with giving away the punch line in the first seven lines or not, it’s a compelling approach to boiling down the message to a simple, compelling and easy to remember phrase.

If I was to boil down the key to a rich and rewarding yoga practice, it would be this “be here, now”.  3 words! 3 simple words!

In our practice we seek to cultivate awareness.  Awareness of our bodies and our emotions in the present moment.  Once we are “in the moment” we can appreciate and work with where we are mentally and physically.  We can enjoy and savour the gift of the moment- the chance to breathe freely, easily and completely, to enjoy the sensation of moving our body and to savour a calm and focus mind.  When we seek to “be here now”, we achieve all these objectives.

As you go through your practice this week, I invite you to “be here now” and see how cultivating awareness enriches your practice.

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