3 Ways Yoga Helps Us Stress Less

3 Ways Yoga Helps Us Stress Less

All of us have stress in our lives- it’s simply a part of life that we need to learn to manage.  In our yoga practice we learn 3 tools to help us better manage, and deal with stress:

  1. Breathing- breathing fully, deeply and completely calms both the body and the mind.  In our practice, we learn (yes, we actually need to learn!) how to breathe properly. And when we breathe properly, we calm and reduce stress in both the body and the mind.
  2. Awareness- in our yoga practice we learn to notice and be aware of what is- how we are feeling in our body, what our state of mind is, and what is happening around us.  When we are aware of how we are feeling, we can acknowledge the feeling, and choose the best reaction to the situation.
  3. Remembering that “this too shall pass”.  I used to have a postcard with a picture of the Buddha in Las Vegas- the Buddha, sitting calmly, surrounded by the chaos that characterizes Las Vegas- with the saying underneath”this too shall pass”. In our practice, we learn to work through challenging poses, we learn to accept discomfort and resistance, knowing, that eventually the sensation or challenge that we are experiencing will be over- it will pass.  Once we learn that “this too shall pass” on our mat, we can take this learning into our daily lives, and when we are in stressful situations, we can know that the situation, like many other challenging situations we’ve been in, will eventually pass.


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