3 Tips for Starting a Yoga Practice

3 Tips for Starting a Yoga Practice

You are tired or stiff or sore or stressed out or just need a change from your same old workout.  You’ve heard about all the wonderful benefits of yoga, and want to try it.  How do you go about selecting the instructor and style of yoga that’s right for you?

If you’ve never taken yoga and just want to “see what it’s all about”- I recommend that you try a beginning yoga class.  A beginning class will give you an introduction into what yoga is (and isn’t), introduce you to a basic set of poses and give you the chance to see if yoga is right for you.  The City of Kamloops offers Beginning Yoga in many city neighborhoods.

If you do find that yoga is right for you and you want to continue to practice, my next recommendation is to take different types of classes from different instructors.  Kamloops is blessed to have lots of yoga teachers, and you will benefit most if you can find a teacher you really like- whose style resonates with you, whose class is enjoyable and uplifting. Similarly, the yoga tradition offers many different styles of yoga- from yin/relaxation to hot and Ashtanga, and it’s important to find a style that works for you.

Finding the right style and teacher can take a bit of time and exploration, but really, having a great experience depends on finding a style and instructor you like, and that works for you.  So get out there, try some different classes and see what resonates!



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