Tips To Keep Your Yoga Practice On Track This Summer

Tips To Keep Your Yoga Practice On Track This Summer

Summer is a time for rest, relaxation and break from routine.  And while we need downtime and a change of scenery,  this can also sometimes mean we let our yoga practice go.

Here are some easy and simple summer yoga practice tips to keep your practice on track:

  1. Scheduling- make yoga part of your summer time routine, whether you commit to doing a few poses in the morning or right before bed
  2. Simple sequences- select a series of simple sequences to follow, perhaps 4 or 5.
  3. Select poses that provide the most benefit to your body- each of us have unique areas of tightness and pain.  You will adhere to your practice more faithfully if you pick a suite of poses that you derive a great deal of benefit from. For example, if you have tight hips you may want to include pigeon, lunge (with your back knee on the mat), reclining butterfly, supported bridge.

And finally, keep checking back for blog posts.  I will be posting sequences this summer for you to follow to keep your practice on track.

Happy practicing!



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