Yoga Fusion Summer Weekly Workout- July 24 2017

Yoga Fusion Summer Weekly Workout- July 24 2017

I hope you enjoyed last week’s sequence for stability, strength and confidence.

The hot, long summer days in Kamloops can sometimes drain my energy.  The sequence this week is designed to re-energize.

Energizing Sequence

  1. Mountain pose- start in Mountain pose
  2. Sweep arms overhead, inhaling, lengthening torso
  3. Swan dive/forward fold, hinging from the hips, spine long, exhaling, extending arms out to the sides of your body
  4. Monkey- inhale to Monkey, keeping your spine long and parallel to the floor, head in line with the spine
  5. Forward fold- exhale to forward fold
  6. Reverse swan dive to Mountain pose- engage the core and with an inhale, unhinging from the hips, come back up to Mountain
  7. Repeat this sequence 4 x
  8. Sunflowers- step the feet wide, turn knees and toes out to 90 degrees, engage the core, and on an inhale, lengthen the legs, reaching the arms toward the sky.  On an exhale, bending over, sweeping the arms toward the floor, as if you are scooping up a pile of leaves.  Repeat 6 x
  9. Heart opening backbend.  Starting from Mountain pose, lengthen the spine, lengthen through the side of the ribs as you sweep your arms up toward the sky, reaching fingertips toward the ceiling.  Exhaling, bring hands together behind your sacrum, lift your chest, open your heart, and open the fronts of your shoulders.  Hold here for 2 breaths.

Happy practicing, and make sure to check back next week for the next sequence!

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