Yoga Fusion Summer Weekly Workout- August 27 2017

Yoga Fusion Summer Weekly Workout- August 27 2017

I hope you enjoyed last week’s sequence.

The sequence this week is a short and simple sequence designed to open the chest, torso and heart.

Heart Opening Sequence

  1. Mountain pose- standing in Mountain pose, inhale, sweeping arms up toward sky.
  2. Standing side bend- clasp hands together, extend arms, and with an exhale, bend over to the right side.  Inhale to centre, exhale to left side. Repeat 4 times.
  3. Easy backbend- from Mountain, inhale and sweep arms up toward sky, releasing the arms and bring hands to rest on sacrum with an exhalation.  With your next inhalation, lengthen the spine, and with an exhale, bend backwards.
  4. Mountain pose- from backbend, inhale, sweeping arms overhead, exhaling hands to heart centre at Mountain pose
  5. Forward fold- inhale, sweep arms overhead, and swan dive to Forward Fold.
  6. Downward dog- from forward fold, stepping the feet back to Downward dog.
  7. Child’s pose- from Downward dog, sitting hips to heels into Child’s pose.
  8. Seated to Butterfly- from Child’s pose come to seated.  Bring the soles of your feet together to Butterfly.
  9. Reclining butterfly- with an inhale lengthen your spine, and with an exhale, lower your torso to the floor (using a blanket or bolster under your back as desired to enhance the opening), letting your torso, shoulder, hips and knees relax, allowing gravity to draw your shoulders and knees toward the floor as you rest in this pose.

Happy heart opening and keep an eye out for next week’s sequence!

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